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Management of the facility will be very grateful for cooperation with complying these rules, that are supposed to ensure quiet and safe stay of our guests.

1) Regulations define the principles of stay in the facility and is an integral part of the contract, which is concluded by signing a registration card. As well as by booking, making payment in advance or paying the entire amount of stay. By making these operations, Guest confirms that he/she has read and accept terms and condition mentioned in regulations.
2) Rules apply to all guests staying at the facility.
3) Regulations are available at the reception desk and in each room.
4) Smoking in the building is strictly forbidden. Breaking the ban will result in the imposition of a fine in the amount of 200PLN to 2000PLN . Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.
5) Every Guest need to check-in upon arrival. The basis for check-in is to present to reception employee ID, passport or other document with photo and sign a registration card.
6) Rooms are rented for nights.
7) Check-in begins at 14:00 (2pm) on the arrival day. Check-out is at 11:00 (11am)* the next day.
8) If the Guest have not defined the time of stay, it is assumed that the room was rented for one night.
9) The request of extending the stay for more than the specified number of days, should be reported at the Reception until 10am of the last day of stay.
10) Our Staff will provide accommodation to a guest who wishes to extend the stay upon availability.
11) In case of claims about quality of stay please do not hesitate to report them directly to the Reception staff, to let us react immediately
12) The facility is obliged to provide:
- conditions for full and unfettered Guests' leisure
safety of stay, that includes secrecy of confidential information about the Guest
- professional and courteous service
- room cleaning service and the necessary repairs during absence of the Guest, and in case of his presence only if agrees and on demand
- if drawbacks appearing in the room are not possible to be removed, then as far as possible different room or other way of reducing disadvantages,
13) Upon requests, we can provide specified services:
- informations related to the stay and the travel
- wake-up service
- safekeeping bags for money and valuables during the guest's stay
- luggage storage for the Guests registered at the facility
14) The facility is responsible for loss or damage of items brought by users of its services in relation to specified regulations of the articles 846-849 of the Civil Code, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.
15) The Guest is obliged to inform the Reception immediately after discovering the damage.
16) The facility will not be responsible for any damage, theft or loss of any valuables brought into the room by the guest (including electronic and optical devices, money, valuable documents, jewellery, or objects of scientific or artistic value) unless the objects have been deposited in the reception safe.
17) The facility is not responsible for loss or damage of the car or the different vehicle belonging to the Guest.
18) The Guest is financially responsible for all of the damages of equipment or technical facilities of the facility arose from his or his visitors’ fault.
19) Whenever leaving the room, the Guest is supposed to check closure of the door and leave the key at the Reception desk.
20) It is forbidden to delegate the room to the third parties, even if the period for which the Guest had already pay isn’t finished.
21) Person not registered in the facility may stay in the facility room from 7am to 10pm.
22) There is an obligation to keep peace and quiet in the building and its surroundings from 10pm. to 7 am. Please respect and consider other guests at all times. The management may refuse to provide services to a person who has caused disturbance to other guests.
23) Due to fire safety, it is forbidden to use in the rooms heaters, electric irons and other similar devices that are not original equipment of the room.
24) Because of the fire safety or possibility to run a fire alarm, we recommend not to smoke excluding the places secured for such purposes. It is forbidden to smoke in the rooms.
25) The facility may refuse to accept a Guest, who during previous visit violated the regulations, causing damage to the property belongings, disturbing other Guests and/or employees.
26) If a guest under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs interfere with a peaceful stay guests or the operation of the facility, can be removed from it.
27) Personal items left by a guest leaving the room will be sent back to the address specified by the Guest. In case of not receiving such instruction, the facility will store these items for 3 months.

*until 12:00 in Aparthotels Avena, Yarden, Zulian and Abella.