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We believe that discovering new places defies guide book descriptions. That exploring a city is not just about ticking monuments off the list. That the traveller experience goes deeper. We create a space of unique experiences. A place to sleep is just one of its elements.

We are interested in people: our Guests and our team, which is why we offer more than a warm smile and professional service. We give you a part of ourselves. We want to share memories with you. We love Kraków. We have a local focus, also when choosing services. We invite our Guests to the same places we like to visit ourselves. We encourage them to take their eyes off the list of attractions and see Kraków through the eyes of its inhabitants. To savour the city and hear a friendly "Hello!".

We inspire our Guests to immerse themselves in the flow of city life, become a part of it for a while, and find many good reasons to come back. Like to their own home.